Supplier Manager Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for supplier management, earnestly do a good job in the investigation and management of price negotiation, procurement environment, and product database;
  2. Make effective use of various resources, grasp market information promptly, actively develop high-quality suppliers, rationally allocate them, and optimize and screen suppliers from time to time;
  3. Adjust procurement strategies promptly according to market conditions, implement inquiry, price comparison, and bargaining systems, and reduce procurement costs;
  4. Responsible for dealing with abnormal purchases, returns/exchanges, and compensation with suppliers to ensure the interests of the company;
  5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors promptly.
  6. Assist in the formulation of the annual marketing plan for the centralized procurement of the commercial procurement system operation module;
  7. Cooperate with the formulation of the annual selection plan for Jiangzhong general medicine varieties;
  8. Assist in formulating the commercial procurement operation process of medical investment companies;
  9. Formulate risk control management measures for key business nodes;
  10. Sorting out the commercial procurement business docking process of each platform company;
  11. Cooperate with sorting out the docking business process of Jiangzhong general medicine industry;
  12. Complete the formulation of the annual contract negotiation plan and the introduction plan of centralized procurement varieties and be able to get contract negotiation plan and the introduction plan of centralized procurement varieties and be able to independently promote the work;
  13. Complete the periodic assessment category development plan and submit the assessment report;
  14. Responsible for the collection of monthly, quarterly, and annual rebates for centralized procurement;
  15. Formulate weekly and monthly fund plans for centralized procurement and be responsible for the capital turnover indicators.
  16. Under the leadership and supervision of the procurement director, be responsible for the procurement of related categories of goods, establish and optimize the supplier management system;
  17. Improve the procurement system, formulate and optimize the procurement process, and control the quality and cost of procurement;
  18. Responsible for the procurement process and price control of commodity orders, commodity acceptance, quality supervision, etc.;
  19. According to market changes, discover new product suppliers, do a good job in data collection, determine cooperation methods, and strive for favorable trading conditions to report to the purchasing director for review.




  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in pharmacy or pharmacy;
  2. More than 6 years of drug procurement experience in the pharmaceutical industry;
  3. Good communication skills, outgoing personality, have a certain foundation for financial knowledge and legal knowledge;
  4. Familiar with the current situation and development trends of the pharmaceutical industry;
  5. Have the ability to integrate supplier resources.


Responsibilities: (Optoelectronic & Led industry)

  1. Responsible for supplier development management and other work;
  2. Manage the procurement department to respond to business Mexican production engineering team needs, and complete various procurement tasks efficiently and quickly: order procurement, development procurement, special projects Procurement, etc.;
  3. Formulate specific plans for reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and implement them after approval;
  4. Regularly (quarterly) check the work of the procurement department, propose constructive optimization measures, and organize implementation;
  5. Participate in the development of specific customers, markets, or products 6. Participate in the formulation and implementation of the company’s annual goals and work plans.



  1. Full-time college degree or above; (Photoelectric lighting is preferred, please do not deliver if it does not meet the requirements)
  2. More than eight years of work experience, three years or more of procurement management and supplier management work experience;
  3. There is enough room for display, and we can get the salary (large or small weeks)
  4. Generous remuneration: bonus + year-end bonus.


Experience required for supplier management 


  1. At least five years of experience in electronics: Mexico supplier quality engineer best supplier.
  2. Three years of professional experience in purchasing electronic components in the same company 
  3. Experience in purchasing electronic components from

original factories, agents, distributors, and large factories, good at inventory management, have many procurement channels

4, have a keen market insight


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