Trend Of Wearing Khussa Shoes In Pakistan

It can be challenging to choose the ideal footwear for the summer. You want a gorgeous shoe that will complement your clothes and simply look fantastic, but you also need something comfy that won’t rub when your feet warm up in the summer heat. Multani Khussa, sometimes known as just Khussa, is a type of Saraiki handcrafted footwear made in Multan, Pakistan, and has gained enormous popularity in the world of fashion.

History of khussa shoes

A Khussa is a style of leather footwear that has been around for centuries and is an enduring part of cultural heritage and traditions of Pakistan. Khussa shoes were initially constructed with wood as the sole, with the oldest influence occurring during pre-Mughlai times all the way from China. However, this concept was abandoned pretty quickly due to logistical concerns. Soon after, Pakistanis combined cow and buffalo leather to create their own version of the khussa, using the latter for the upper covering since cow leather is more malleable and easier to design. This gave the khussa its distinctive look. Although it started out as the common man’s footwear of choice, royalty soon adopted it. The khussa shoes became well-known when Jahangir, the son of Akbar, the Mughal emperor, introduced ornate variations of it. As his preferred footwear, it gained popularity and new styles started to appear. The upper portion of the khussa was covered in stunning needlework, gems, and stones, and actual gold and silver threads.

Khussa shoes for women

Slip-on khussa is a type of khussa shoes that are inspired by slippers. There’s no need to stoop over and adjust the shoe backs when putting on a pair of slip-on khussa to make sure they fit correctly. Slip-on khussa shoes come in a huge selection of colors and embroidered patterns. Multicolored thread work and beaded khussa are the two items most frequently associated with this genre.

Khussa shoes for men

Men’s khussas are most frequently found in the colors black, brown, and golden. These shoes are available in a variety of designs with or without pointed fronts, giving them an upward turn-up at the end akin to something you might see on a king! Royalty has long used khussas with pointed tips. Today’s fashion reflects the regal attitude of the males. These khussas are specifically worn at weddings since grooms enjoy flaunting their finery.

Traditional khussa shoes

The best footwear for fashion for outstanding results, wear formals with the classic khussa. Your personality will be enhanced specifically by this combo. This will give you a naturally stunning and graceful appearance. Regarding style, traditional Khussa is without limitations. Any event can benefit from the use of this khussa. Do not hesitate to put on everyone’s favorite pair of shoes. Pair them with stone jewelry with white shirt, white jeans, and barn red jewelry.

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