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Earning a law degree is not as smooth as silk. Law students must go through several thick and thins to pass the examinations. From understanding legal terminology to solving complex cases, the journey is pretty challenging. Amongst a pool of hurdles, essay writing is also challenging. Though it may sound if a scholar has relevant knowledge, they can draft the document without consuming too much time. But the reality hits different pupils who get confused about choosing the best topic that has a chance of impressing the professor in one go. In such a case, they can seek law essay help that directs them to choose the matter which is intriguing, intellectual, and interesting. For the time being, explore different topics that will help to build credibility in front of the professor.

List of Best Law Essay Topics 

Studying law is never easy, and it does not give you much time to work on your academic projects. However, here are some topics you can consider before starting writing.

Criminal Law Essay Topics 

Crimes happen everywhere, and if you are preparing to become a criminal lawyer, here are topics you should look into for writing your academic document.

Types of Crimes/ Categories of Crimes 

The common crimes are divided into the category of:

  • Violent Crime-Those offences that involve force
  • Property Crime-Victim’s property stolen with a threat of force
  • White-Collar Crime-It is a non-violent crime that involves the concealment of money for business advantage
  • Organised Crime-A planned crime by an individual or a group
  • Consensual/ Victimless Crime-It is public order crime with more than one participant where all have given their consent

Corpus Deliciti

In western law, corpus delicti means that there should be evidence of crime occurrences before convicting a person for that crime.

Should Prostitution Should be Legal or Illegal? 

  • You can include your arguments as to why you think
  • Prostitution can reduce crime and improve public health.
  • It is immoral and exploitative.

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Juvenile Criminals

Children under the age of eighteen who commits crime come under the category of juvenile criminals. You can include how the rate of crime attained by such pupils can be reduced with effective programs such as:

  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Community Involvement
  • Prevention Programs
  • Children Training Program

 Connection Between Juvenile Delinquencies and Parenting 

Good parenting defines the values and characteristics inherited by teenagers and children. You can talk about how poor parenting can be the reason for minors taking such actions.

Legalisation of Drugs 

( Legalisation) You can write about how:

  • The prohibition of drugs has not reduced their use
  • Illegal drugs are not harmful as cigarettes and alcohol
  • It would produce significant taxes for the government

( Why not legalise) You can write pointers against drug legalisation:

  • It can increase the number of drug consumers, which would eventually increase the rate of abusers.
  • Increased drug addicts mean an impact on economic productivity.
  • How harmful drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine can have serious negative consequences on the health of the intake.

The Presence of Racism 

There have been racism and biases against blacks from time immemorial. You can frame your essay on how to reduce it in:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Workplace or Corporate Offices
  • Social Gatherings

 Effectiveness of Boot Camps 

Bootcamps are an alternative for punishment to juveniles instead of putting them in jail or prison. You can discuss how teens can benefit from living in such an atmosphere.

 Business Law Essay Topics 

Evolution in technology has brought a drastic transformation in international trading and business. Understanding business laws is crucial to help your clients. Here are topics you can choose.

Patent Law 

With the issue of patent rights, only the owner has the authority to sell any product or service in the country. In your essay, you can discuss four main types of patents.

  • Utility patent
  • Design patent


Bankruptcy is the legal status where an individual cannot repay their debts. In your essay, you can include tips to avoid bankruptcy that are:

  • Prioritise debt repayment
  • Eliminate miscellaneous expense
  • Create a new business plan
  • Negotiate repayment plans

 Intellectual Property 

Intellectual property law means protecting designs, brands, and music. You can discuss types of intellectual property.

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade secrets

 Employement Discrimination 

Employment discrimination means partiality based on sex, marital status, gender reassignment, religion, and caste. In your essay, you can discuss this topic and give suggestions on how to improve employment discrimination. You can give tips such as:

  • Updated equality policy in the office.
  • How can employees raise their voices against discrimination?
  • How employers can provide training for anti-discrimination to employees?
  • Regular communication between staff and managers for a positive working environment?

 What to Focus on While Obtaining Commercial Lease?

A commercial lease is a legal contract between a tenant and the landlord. You can discuss various factors:

  • Space
  • Repairing
  • Security
  • Legal Compliance
  • Rent
  • Dispute Resolution

 Cyber Law Essay Topics 

Cybercrime is increasing day by day therefore it is essential to know the subject especially if you are a law student. So, have a look at interesting cyberlaw topics for your essay.

Penalities for Digital Piracy 

Digital piracy means the illegal use of patents or copyrighted material via the use of the internet. Data misuse is common today. Anyone with adequate knowledge of computers can mischievously use other person’s personal information. You can discuss penalties, consequences, and laws for digital piracy.

  • Compensation for loss
  • Confiscation Orders
  • Reparation Orders
  • Restraint Orders

Conditions Under Companies Can Use Someone’s Else Data 

There are conditions when companies are allowed to elicit the personal information of a user. You can mention those circumstances under which it is legal to use a third person’s data.

 Impact of Biometrics 

Before granting access to an environment, a server, or a computer, biometric security measures an  physical characteristics. Biometric security is becoming more popular among individuals, organisations, and businesses for protecting cyberspace from hackers and other malicious individuals.

Yes, studying law involves many challenges and working on an essay is one such task. You have to devote time to studying and working on academic tasks. Aforesaid topics will help you to choose the best law essay topics. If it is still challenging to write an academic paper after going through the above-mentioned topics, seek essay help. They have adequate knowledge and help to curate a document with perfection. They work following university norms and guidelines. Other than that quality and on-time delivery is their guarantee. Whether you place an order last time there will be no scope for errors as experts know how to work in a limited period. Knowledge gained over years helps them to curate essays that contain all the vital information.

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