Abu Dhabi is an emirate within the UAE that is home to people from many parts of the world who work and live there with their families including children. They do so as the emirate affords them a high standard of living comparable with the best anywhere. The fact that there are a large number of KG schools, as well as many top-class international schools in Abu Dhabi, allows them to bring their families to live with them, as they know that their children’s educational needs will be taken care of.


Best-known KG and international schools in Abu Dhabi-


  1. Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is one of the best-known international schools in Abu Dhabi. It offers world-class education from the pre-nursery to the high school level. Furthermore, the school provides its students access to the much-in-demand Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula. The school boasts a sprawling campus with all modern amenities and facilities.


The teachers employed by the school too are out of the top drawer. This is something that gets reflected by the fact that the school boasts of excellent academic results. At the same time, the school has a great track record when it comes to extracurricular activities. Above all the school has an excellent track record when it comes to its students obtaining admission to the best colleges and schools anywhere. 


Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is run by the globally renowned GIIS group of international schools with an enviable global reputation. It is not surprising that the school is very highly sought after by the ex-pat community living in Abu Dhabi, especially the Indian one.


  1. Shining Star International School

Shining Star International School is one of the leading CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi providing a world class education to students between the ages of 4 and 18. The school has some of the most qualified and experienced teachers anywhere who teach students in small groups ensuring that they receive the individual attention that they deserve. 


Apart from ensuring high academic standards the school is known to offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities to its students. These include yoga, martial arts, football, cricket, robotics, drama, music, and a myriad of other activities. What’s more, the school has a stellar track record when it comes to obtaining admission to some of the top colleges and universities in the world.


  1. Ajyal International School Al Falah Abu Dhabi

Ajyal International School Al Falah Abu Dhabi is one of the best-known international schools in the region providing a world class education to its students. They offer their students a top-class interdisciplinary US curriculum combined with the UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum. The school offers classes right from the kindergarten level right up to the high school level offering children of both ex-pats and locals the chance to obtain a world-class education second to none.


The school provides every facility necessary to help its students learn, grow and develop in the best possible manner. Its well-appointed campus provides the perfect ambiance for its students to learn to the best of their abilities. Their teachers are some of the most qualified and experienced and take great pains to ensure that every child learns to the best of his or her abilities.  The fact that the school is excellent is borne out not just by its excellent academic results, but also the fact that its students regularly obtain admission to the best colleges and universities.


  1. Brighton College Abu Dhabi

Brighton College Abu Dhabi provides extraordinarily good education to children in the 3 to 18 age group. It offers classes across pre-prep, prep, senior and 6th form providing its students with the best of a British education. Given its high standards of education, it is not surprising that Brighton College boasts a student strength of over 1,800. Serving their best interest are over 140 academic staff members and 100 support staff members.


The fact the school has achieved the best A level and GCSE results in Abu Dhabi speaks volumes about how good it is. It is no surprise, therefore, that it ranks quite high amongst the schools that are the favorites of the various ex-pat communities living in Abu Dhabi.




Abu Dhabi is known for its modern cityscape, international vibe, wealth, and opulence. No wonder it acts as a magnet for people to come and take up employment there and give themselves and their families a future. The fact that the emirate has the necessary infrastructure in the shape of some of the best international schools in the world makes the decision of relocating to Abu Dhabi all the easier for them.


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