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Are you trying to consider the right statistical analysis for dissertation writing? Well, statistical analysis is used mathematical measures to differentiate the data of two sets. To perform statistical analysis in your dissertation, you must use different statistical techniques like mean, median, or mode. After the completion of statistical techniques, it is easy to compare the results with premature principles.

Most students want to perform statistical analysis for their dissertations, but they find it difficult to choose the right one. You may also find difficulty in selecting the right statistical analysis for your dissertation writing. You need to select the right one for your dissertation because dissertation writing is the most important writing part of the degree. You can’t afford any kind of mistake in your dissertation. You must consider some points to select the most accurate statistical analysis for dissertation writing.

This article will provide important ways to determine the right statistical analysis for dissertation writing.

How to Determine the Right Statistical Analysis for Dissertation Writing?

Choosing the right statistical analysis for dissertation writing is not easy. You need to do a lot of things to select the most accurate one. Here are the following ways to select the best statistical analysis for your dissertation:

1.     Make a list of all techniques you can use for your analysis

Before selecting the best statistical analysis for dissertation writing, you must consider all techniques you can use for data analysis. Don’t start working on your research process before finding all the available techniques to analyze your collected data. After remembering all those techniques, you must note these and start working on the collection of your data.

2.     Identify your problem question

Before collecting the data and choosing the right statistical analysis for the dissertation, you must find your problem question. You want to address the research question in your dissertation. Because of this, your analysis must perfume on the data related to the research question. Identifying the research question also helps to collect the best-fit data for your analysis. So, to select the accurate statistical analysis, your first step is to identify your problem question.

3.     Identify the type of your data

Identifying the type of data you have is very important for choosing the accurate statistical analysis for dissertation writing. You must determine what type of data you have, whether the data is quantitative or categorical.

·       Quantitative data

It is used to represent the quantity of anything, such as trees, persons, cakes, etc. There are two types of quantitative data. That are:

Continuous data– is also known as rational data. It is usually used to describe the quantity of anything in its unit, such as 0.5 kg of rice. It can be divided into units that are less than 1.

Discrete data– is also called integer data. It is normally used to represent the amount of anything, such as 5 persons, 10 trees, etc. It can’t be divided into units that are less than 1. It always describes in the form of a whole integer.

·       Categorical data

This type of data is used to represent the groups of different things. For example, mango trees in the garden, engineering students in that college, etc. Three types of categorical data can use in statistical analysis. That is:

Binary data– is also known as dichotomous data or quantal data. It is a statistical data type with only two possible outcomes: Yes or No. In mathematically, it can be present as 1 or 0. 1 means Yes, and 0 means No.

Ordinal data– is used to demonstrate the data in a specific order. This data is classified into several groups with reasonable relative importance within the same parameter. The ranges between both classifications are irregular or undetermined.

Nominal data– is used to represent particular names. It is distributed into pairs of conditionally incompatible groups in the statistical analysis. There is no sensible way to rank these categories.

The data type will decide which statistical technique you can use to statistically analyze your data. Each type of data has its techniques and tools that are appropriate for research findings.

Suppose you identify your data type, and it is continuous. For continuous data especially, you need to check whether the data is normally distributed or in the oblique form. It is important to find the statistical technique to analyze this data.

4.     Select what type of test you can perfume on your data

To choose the right statistical analysis for dissertation writing, you must consider whether your research is one-dimensional or two-dimensional. If you are sure that your data is performing the statistical analysis in a single direction, you can use a one-dimensional test. However, if there is no specific direction for your statistical analysis, you must use a two-dimensional test.

5.     Assumptions you need to make

As we discussed earlier, each data type has its own techniques and tools for statistical analysis. So, it would be best if you made some assumptions for performing statistical analysis for dissertation research. In most cases, the continuous data is distributed normally, but while analyzing, you need to consider that it is not distributed normally.

6.     Develop your null hypothesis

Your next step is to develop your null hypothesis to test your statistical analysis. It is denoted as Ho (called as H-naught). It is used to identify whether the analysis you selected is accurate or not. For this sake, you can perform your null hypothesis, and if it is true, it means you have selected the best analysis for your data. Many researchers can use the null hypothesis to determine whether their statistical analysis is true or not.

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You must provide the solution to the research question of your dissertation to create a long-lasting effect on your instructor. For this sake, selecting the right statistical analysis for dissertation writing is very important.

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