Apartments for Rent in Abu Hamour

Abu Hamour, a neighborhood in Al Rayyan, is quickly growing in popularity, popular with families as a location to live, primarily because of the budget-friendly flats, the range of housing alternatives, and several apartments for rent. It provides quick access to practically all areas in Doha and is a short drive to several nurseries and international schools. Abu Hamour is particularly well-liked by families and young people, allowing a quick trip to the office and the nearby schools. There are a few shopping centers, supermarkets, and other businesses. As a result, Abu Hamour has a lot of apartments available for rent.

More information on apartments for rent in Abu Hamour is another well-liked type of lodging. Many people find properties for rent in Abu Hamour, and families needing more living space can attest to its validity in Rawdat al Khail.

Abu Hamour Apartment’s Description of the Surroundings

If you’re seeking inexpensive rental flats in Qatar, consider taking into account an apartment in Abu Hamour.

  • On the outskirts of Doha, the capital of Qatar is the district of Abu Hamour, which is part of the Al Rayyan municipality.
  • Families should consider living in Abu Hamour because it is a thriving and energetic community.
  • Most of the houses also for rent in Abu Hamour are villas or flats in compounds, which are fantastic because they provide on-site amenities and can be furnished.
  • This makes them perfect for facilitating a simple, quick transfer.

Rentable Apartments In the Compound At Abu Hamour

In Abu Hamour, there is plenty of things to do. The region is home to four sizable shopping centers: the Abu Hamour Mall, Safari Mall, Doha Mall, and Dar Salaam Mall. Each one is bustling with a variety of boutique shops, big-box stores, artisan cafes, food courts, supermarkets, fine-dining restaurants, and movie theatres, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Rooms In Apartments For Rent In Abu Hamour

They can be rented furnished or unfurnished, which is the more common option. However, this means you can decorate and furnish your apartment anyway you choose. The second option is to rent as either furnished.

Family-Friendly Apartments In Abu Hamour

Apartments in Abu Hamour are excellent for small families and couples. A villa in Abu Hamour might be more suitable for you if you have a large family or prefer an additional room. Those living alone or as bachelors can pick a studio apartment also for rent in Abu Hamour.

Rent A 1 BHK Apartment In Abu Hamour

An unfurnished one-bedroom apartment in Abu Hamour will cost around 2,000 QAR per month to rent. In Abu Hamour, a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment can go upwards of 3,500 QAR per month.

Rent A 2 BHK In Abu Hamour

An unfurnished two-bedroom apartment in Abu Hamour will cost about 3,500 QAR per month to rent. In Abu Hamour, a two-bedroom flat that is fully equipped may be rented for around 8,000 QAR per month.

Available Apartments For Rent In Abu Hamour

There are many apartments for rent in Abu Hamour available. These apartments are roomy and located in well-kept buildings with amenities like gyms and swimming pools available to residents. In Abu Hamour, there are several opulent apartments available for rent.

  •  In Abu Hamour, a one-bedroom apartment with no furniture is expected to rent for around QAR 3,000.
  • Still available for as little as QAR 2,500 per month.
  • Driving down Salwa Road, Abu Hamour can be found on the left.
  • It is a good area with everything from gas stations and hospitals to shops, eateries, and schools.

Make Sure A Rental Property Has A Great ROI

In Abu Hamour, houses and other rental properties are available, giving investors a respectable ROI (return on investment)! If this number is unique to a particular property, consider the medium market ROI, which ranges from 4% to 8%. Still, this is a fantastic offer for you.

Find an Amazing Apartment For Rent In Qatar With Saakin

Apartments for rent in Abu Hamour, Al Rayyan, is a fantastic substitute for renting in Doha. Rent varies widely and is mainly influenced by a rental’s features, condition, furnishings, and whether or not utilities are included. Saakin Qatar is a fantastic resource for information on these neighborhoods for property finders, and the featured properties of Qatar are easily searchable. Visit the Saakin website to find the most excellent alternative if you’re looking for a suitable apartment to rent in Abu Hamour.


How can I buy an apartment in Abu Hamour, Qatar?

Purchasing an apartment or other property in Abu Hamour, Qatar, is typically a straightforward procedure. For instance, 20% of the total price must be paid to reserve a unit while buying one.

What other kinds of real estate projects can you find in Abu Hamour?

Although some of the developments Abu Hamour Properties handles are leasehold, most are freehold. Owning a freehold villa that includes both the land and the building could grant the owner residency in Abu Hamour.

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