Weatherproof QR Code Labels

QR code labels are increasingly becoming popular among companies for quickly transmitting data, tracking inventory details, and accessing product data. While traditional paper-based labels may be the go-to choice for many businesses, they are incompatible with outdoor usage, as they may not last long.

So what’s the alternative for these paper-based QR code labels? The answer is simple – weatherproof QR code labels. Are you wondering how these new QR code labels work to offer high durability without compromising on data accuracy? Read on to find out!

Weatherproof QR Code Labels

What are Weatherproof QR Code Labels?

The weatherproof QR code labels are not some high-tech product that is difficult to comprehend. They are what they sound like — they are self-adhesive labels printed with a durable material on various products and can withstand diverse and adverse weather conditions like rain, sun exposure and wind.

With these weatherproof labels, your information on labels remains intact, readable and comprehensive despite being exposed to harsh weather conditions like fluctuating temperatures or extreme environments. Moreover, as these labels are highly durable and last for years, they make for an ideal QR code material for long-term outdoor usage.

How Do Weatherproof QR Code Labels Work?

The functioning of weatherproof QR code labels is similar to other labels. You can print it with durable material, resistant to moisture, abrasion, UV light, etc., and provides product information like any other label when scanned. Upon scanning the code using smartphones or tablets, the label transmits product information and is comparatively more durable than standard paper labels. Since weatherproof QR codes don’t fade or crack over time, you use them for years without wondering about their replacements.

Top 5 Benefits of Weatherproof QR Code Labels

One of the best advantages of weatherproof QR code labels is their enhanced durability against outdoor agents. They require fewer replacements, are cost-effective and provide less downtime owing to damages induced by the external environment. Moreover, these labels offer an additional protective layer against theft or tampering and are tough to remove without distorting the underlying surface.

Weatherproof QR code labels help minimise shorter-lived paper-based label waste, as the latter lasts long-term. Are you planning to implement weatherproof QR code label usage in your products? The following are the various benefits of these labels and why you must consider them!

1.    They are Durable

The durability of weatherproof QR code labels is the primary reason most customers prefer these label styles. They add a protective layer against tough weather conditions and are best suited for labels affixed to assets transported outdoors. Such labels are also best suited for products stored in a non-controlled warehouse atmosphere in which high humidity and moisture content in the air could impact standard paper-based labels.

2.    They are Highly Adhesive

The high compliance of the waterproof QR code labels makes them best suited for marine applications, especially in the challenging ocean environment. These waterproof labels can withstand salt spray exposure and much more. While transporting items via marine transport, waterproof labels are often the first choice as they ensure high adherence to restoring crucial data and information regarding the products. The labels offer maximum readability and last a lifetime.

3.    They Offer Great Clarity

We are aware of the hazards that accompany an environment containing water or moisture that may impact the readability of a label. Weatherproof labels ensure the clarity of the label clarity sustains depot the under harsh environmental conditions. They are resistant to abrasion and extreme temperatures, non-susceptible to corrosion and last long periods. Unlike standard paper-based labels that remain intact, but the information may become unclear, weatherproof labels offer clear and consistent readability for a long time.

4.    Prepared from Sustainable Materials

A strong label remains attached to the asset and consists of sustainable construction materials. Such substances include – substrate, printing, adhesive, and any finishing coating applied to the surface.

  • Substrate. Vinyl, stainless steel, polyester, aluminium, brass, etc., are some of the materials used to prepare these labels. These materials offer different levels of resistance to diverse hazards. You can choose various materials depending upon the intended applications to ensure that your substrate is water-resistant for the weather conditions it may encounter.
  • Adhesive. The thickness or composition of the adhesive used on labels can vary based on the intended use. You can check the adhesive suitability for water-resistant applications.
  • Printing. Weatherproof labels have numerous printing techniques, including etching, ink, laser, etc. You can procure prefabricated labels and get information on any potential risks to the printed surface.
  • Finishing. A Teflon-coated aluminium finish is protected and offers a greater degree of waterproofing. You can review the finishing choices for labels varying on the expected environmental factors the labels need to withstand.

5.    Minimum Risk

Weatherproof labels minimise the risk of label loss due to moisture or water exposure. Such labels are also suited for products used in dry environments like warehouses, offices, warehouses, etc., as they may come across humid air at some point. These labels are becoming increasingly crucial for various industries requiring labels withstanding tough weather conditions, due to the many benefits they offer.


If you are into label printing in Melbourne, weatherproof QR code labels are something you must opt for in your business. Companies that require an efficient method to track inventory details and access product data while offering enhanced protection from environmental conditions, thefts or tampering need weatherproof labels the most.

Weatherproof labels designed for long-term application are efficient and cost-effective. They are best known for their durability, so you don’t have to worry about frequent replacement expenses or downtime due to environmental damage. So do not wait any longer, and start using the durable and sustainable weatherproof QR labels today!

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