11 Best Christmas Traditions to Make This Holiday Extra Special 


With the holiday season edging near, it is time you make the most of this time of the year as you indulge in other fun and exciting Christmas traditions to mark the occasion. Holidays offer the space to spend quality time with your family and dear ones . So, ensure that this holiday season, nothing changes as you make beautiful memories with your favorite people in escape rooms!  


Every family may have a way to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the holiday season together like in escape rooms. But for those who are looking for new and exciting ways to make the extra time special, check out these eleven best Christmas traditions: 

  1. Tree Lighting Ceremony  

Christmas would remain incomplete without the dazzling beauty of trees decked in colored lights and other embellishments. You can watch the tree lighting ceremony of your community or even tune in to watch the famous Rockefeller Center Tree lighting ceremony! 

  1. Attending holiday parades  

Holiday parades are yet another renowned tradition of the holiday season. During this time, you can find holiday parades in small towns like Virginia or Middleburg. The parades are usually accompanied by simple yet exciting street celebrations, including Santa Claus making an appearance!  

  1. Holiday dinners at restaurants  

You can make a reservation in your favorite restaurant for the holiday season, where you can get together with your family or friends for dinner. People will enjoy the beautiful decorations put up in different restaurants during this time while they also relish the food!  

  1. Cookie exchanges  

Bring back the old traditions of handing out hand-baked cookies to your friends, relatives, or neighbors. Small tokens or gifts like these have always formed a crucial part of the holiday season. So, go ahead and bake a few cookies for a cookie exchange! 

  1. Initiating a holiday-themed collection  

It is a great holiday tradition for vintage lovers to try out! Make use of the entire year to collect and gather vintage-themed Christmas décor. Once the awaited time of the year finally arrives, you can showcase your collection as you use them to decorate your house! 

  1. Going on a hike  

Nature is always breathtaking. But during the holiday season, it turns its beauty up a notch. It offers you the perfect time to get fresh air and reenergize your soul as you hike. You can even make walking a part of your family tradition, as you go on the same day in December every year!  

  1. Holiday Marketing 

You can make it a tradition to go holiday marketing as you drop in at these different shops to grab a cup of hot chocolate or to buy a beautiful muffler! This way, you can make the most of the holiday season by shopping and participating in holiday festivities with your family.  

  1. Going ice skating  

Ice skating can be one of the best activities to try out during the holiday season. You can make it a family tradition to buckle up your skates and go ice skating as the holiday season approaches yearly!  

  1. Making hot chocolate  

Who doesn’t like to sip some hot chocolate? Why don’t you skip your mundane coffee brews and replace them with hot cocoa during the holiday season? Your kids will also enjoy sipping this pipping hot drink in the chilly cold weather. 

  1. Going out singing carols  

Going out to sing carols from house to house in a group can become a fun and exciting Christmas tradition for you to indulge in. It is a trendy idea amongst teenagers and young adults, as they form a group with their friends to go caroling from house to house!  

  1. Building a snowman  

What is the point of the holiday season if you do not build your snowman? So, go ahead and create a snowman in your backyard together with your child! You can use real mittens and other objects as you fashion your snowperson and have fun making it! 

These are the eleven best Christmas traditions you can indulge in with your family to make this holiday season extra special. So, what exciting habits do you want to be a part of? 





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