Dollhouses have continued to be a popular toy for the past century, whether it’s for children to have creative play or for adults to put together a dream home display.

Dollhouses are enchanting, an imaginary world you can create from scratch. It’s even an art form, using scaled objects to design something incredible. Let’s take a closer look at why dollhouses are so captivating, and where you can get your own dollhouse sets and furniture as well!

A Little Dollhouse History

The oldest dollhouses were discovered in Egyptian pyramids, dating 5,000 or more years ago! These ancient dollhouses were filled with belongings of the deceased for them to enjoy in their afterlife. So it seems that dollhouses started out as a religious thing.

But in the 16th century, dollhouses returned as a way to build mini versions of their own family homes. It was a way to preserve memories. These extravagant houses were meant to reflect their wealth, societal status, and fashion. They were super detailed, down to the wallpaper and dollhouse kitchen cutlery.

Then in the 17th century, dollhouses took on a more practical purpose. People used them to teach children how to run a home. Women often built mini homes to study fashion, art, and decor. People were starting to see the benefits and uses for a dollhouse instead of them being just showcases.

Dollhouses soon became a toy for kids. In the 18th century in England, dollhouses were a way for children to play in a replica of their family home. Babies and young children could even fit inside of some models, meaning they were quite big. By the industrial revolution, dollhouses were being mass-produced and they were accessible to “common” people, not just wealthy families.

Benefits of owning your own dollhouse

Dollhouses have become a dynamic thing to own with a wide variety of uses, ranging from a play toy to a prized collectible to an art form. No matter your age or reasoning, it’s hard not to see the whimsy in owning a dollhouse.

Dollhouses are a form of imagination. For children, dollhouses unlock an entirely different world where they can create their own stories, characters, and environment. But dollhouses are also a creative outlet for adults, allowing us to study various types of design and decor styles. They are also a way to express ourselves creatively, using them as a functional art piece with furniture and decor we hand-picked and sometimes painted.

For some children and pre-teens, dollhouses are a great way to understand family dynamics and learn life skills. Dollhouses have to be cleaned and maintained, after all. They will also have to explore childcare and other family scenarios when they add dolls to the mix. Children will often imitate the older people in their lives when creating these new characters.

Pretend play can also improve a child’s vocabulary. They have to make characters interact with each other, helping them learn communication skills. Role playing is a really important skill. Bringing multiple children together to play in a dollhouse can help them learn how to interact and imagine up scenarios together. There is critical thinking and other important life skills involved.

For older people, designing a dollhouse can be therapeutic. It’s an escape from the everyday life around us. Sometimes we just need a way to relax. Dollhouses can be a fun way to create interesting storylines or just create something stunning and beautiful when we want to be creative.

You can also bring in other people — friends or children — to help you build a dream home, making it even more interactive and rewarding.

Shopping For Your Dollhouse Online

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