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Although flooring trends come and go, few coverings can compare to the enormous variety of colors, patterns, and textures given by living room rug ideas. Contrary to carpets and other natural surfaces, rugs have several practical advantages. It is a great insulator, minimizing dampness and hence heating costs.  

Area rugs reduce sound transmission to the rooms below by dampening footsteps and muffling noise. It feels smooth and welcoming underfoot. Plus, large area rugs can give a living space a new level of individuality in terms of style. Below, we gathered some bold rug ideas to lighten up your living room. Let’s get started!

Rug Ideas for Living Rooms

Rugs are the perfect finishing touch for any area and may give individuality to a bland living room decor. If you can only add one thing to your living room ideas, an area rug is an excellent choice.

1. Use a Lot of Color

Rugs, especially old ones, can completely change a space. All rooms, including the living and family rooms, are popular places for their use. They bring color, texture, and intrigue to the living room while instantly grounding the space.

Living room rugs are also portable, unlike tiles or parquet floors, so consider them an investment. 

According to our observations, the biggest regret of clients when selecting a rug is needing to be bold and large enough. Nothing ever appears as audacious as you anticipate it will. Thus it is always preferable to err on the side of caution rather than common sense.

2. Make Pattern the Hero

Achieving the appropriate balance is important when choosing patterned rugs and carpets for living rooms. In terms of visual design, allowing the rug to take center stage and layer the other aspects of the space using complementing colors and various textures is preferable.

3. Remain Simple

As was already discussed, it’s usually a good idea to start from scratch while designing your home. Finding a rug for your living room that perfectly complements your décor is, therefore, the ultimate decorating tool. Consider a rug or carpet as an extension of your floor, and the rest of the concept will align with that.

4. Make Use of the Colors Used Elsewhere

Let your living room rug influence your decor’s color scheme or the other way around. The rug you choose may significantly alter the mood of a space. 

5. Leave the Color Scheme Up To Your Rugs

One of the easiest ways to add color, warmth, and texture to your home is with a rug. They are a good way to soften a hard stone, tile, or timber floor and may also be placed into soft floors to add extra character or designate zones. They are more adaptable than any living room rug idea or fixed floor-covering type.

6. Put Down a Statement Rug

Keep the rest of your furnishings simple if you have a distinctive rug. Consider incorporating the rug’s colors into cushions, curtains, or other fixtures and accessories.

Alternatively, add a matching or neutral rug to finish the space if you already have furniture. It would be best if you went with a plush or welcoming texture for an extra touch of luxury. A mix of styles typically looks great, so try a classic rug with modern furniture or the other way around.

7. A Blue (Or Purple) Rug Speaks Loud

Rugs in deep blue are the key to altering your environment since they add a “whole world of drama and impact” to the room. Dark flooring may give depth and create a more intimate atmosphere in a vast area.

Contemporary blues and purples ooze an eclectic combination of elegance and refinement that can only enhance your living room environment, unlike rich, luxurious rugs that may be linked with dated room designs.

8. Blend the Lines between Flooring and Art

Like a wall painting, rugs may add personality to a room by adding color and texture, making your house a true reflection of your particular style.

Even the most exquisite wooden floors can benefit from a lovely rug to complete the look or establish the room’s focal point. Thanks to this carpeting inspired by art, you won’t need to pick up a paintbrush to add a burst of color to your home.


Wool typically comes to mind when we consider living room rugs. Since wool is warm, soft, and luxurious to the touch, it is still regarded as the greatest fiber for rugs and carpets despite being used for generations.

The popular alternative option is to choose texture by purchasing a living room rug made of plant fiber like sisal, jute, coir, or seagrass. 

With new patterns and innovative fiber combinations, producers and designers constantly push the envelope, making selecting the ideal option for your house even simpler. You can find a vast variety of small and large area rugs at the Rug Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, with delightful designs! 

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