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Office Ally Practice Mate EHR is no new name in the EHR/EMR industry, nor is NOSH (New Open Source Health) EMR. Therefore, if you’re wondering about picking which EMR system out of these or to get an idea which wins over this tough end EMR competition, here is a detailed overview of Office Ally Practice Mate vs. NOSH EMR.

Office Ally Practice Mate:

Office Ally Practice Mate has strongly influenced the electronic medical records market. Customers buy it because they believe it will meet the needs of a wide range of medical subfields. Online consultation technologies further facilitate doctors’ continuous contact with their patients.

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Using the Office Ally Practice Mate electronic medical record (EMR) may lead to fewer mistakes and enhanced communication, payment procedures, insurance dispute resolution, record keeping, and more. The medical operations facilitated by Office Ally Practice Mate are extremely beneficial to patients’ health.

Employing Practice Mate EMR, you can easily and quickly set up patient appointments, record patient data, create reports, and link to a patient portal. Doctors have widely adopted Practice Mate EMR due to its user-friendliness. This goal has been met because of its contributions to the ongoing improvement of both the software and its functionalities and its emphasis on providing accessible and effective customer support.

Practice Mate EMR Perks:

  • Recognition for Practice Mate EMR typically centers on its patient portal. This allows doctors and patients to conduct confidential conversations about health issues in the interim between office visits. The patient portal is conveniently located online, making it available whenever needed.
  • One of the many benefits of using Practice Mate EMR is how simple it is to add new patients. In a positive turn of events, using Practice Mate’s electronic health record (EHR) simplifies matters considerably. Entering a patient’s data and moving to the system’s default options is a breeze. To become a patient, one need only register. That’s when crucial information will be added to the electronic health record.
  • As Practice Mate gains more users, the app’s potential expands. Also, you can arrange patient visits with the help of the telehealth services of Office Ally Practice Mate. The need for new columns may be determined by a number of factors, including the total number of practitioners. Using the tag, clinicians may quickly and easily check patient data.l

Its Top Features:

Office Ally Practice Mate doesn’t fail to surprise its users with the plethora of features it has to offer. However, here we will mention just a few of those rated exclusively in high appreciation by its users.

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Customer Service
  • Patient Record Management
  • HIPPA-compliant

Practice Mate EMR Reviews:

Reviews of Office Ally Practice Mate often highlight its low price, ease of use, and extensive set of useful tools as its top perks. User feedback for Practice Mate has been most promising. The EMR’s affordable price and helpful customer service have been well-received by its users. It’s a good choice for independent medical facilities and integrated healthcare networks.

Practice Mate EMR Cost:

The starting monthly price for the Practice Mate EMR is $29.99 per user. However, you can contact the vendors, such as Software Finder, to acquire more information about the price and to watch a demo of the Practice Mate EMR, which we suggest.


NOSH EMR is developed mainly for outpatient clinics. The program streamlines how medical providers can access a modern, affordable, and easily navigable electronic health record. Some of its features are secure communication, a patient portal, set reminders, and online scheduling. Customers have access to a plethora of pre-made designs. Also included are updated alerts for patient learning documents, graphing capabilities, electronic forms, practice management tools, and electronic input for orders.

Top-tier software components used by Facebook, Google, Adobe, and Amazon, among the largest and most trustworthy ISPs, are used in the NOSH Charting System. So, online safety remains a priority in this system. NOSH EMR is completely server-platform and may be installed anywhere. The application can either be installed locally or in the cloud. However, its customer support helps you set up the whole setup.


  • A single system allows practices to coordinate the many moving parts of their operations, such as appointments, patients, medical data, supplies, finances, and more. Import/export integrations, alerting, and the ability to personalize medical record keeping and patient messaging all contribute to a more streamlined workflow for doctors, nurses, and other staff and patients. This is possible because of NOSH EMR.
  • Treatment times can be reduced, and quality improved thanks to the flexibility provided by patient data and charts that can be arranged in any way the treating facility deems necessary. Because NOSH EMR presents patient data flexibly, doctors can adjust the level of detail in their reports to suit their needs.
  • Healthcare professionals are kept up-to-date with automatically generated reports. Currently unfolding medical difficulties, supply reports, etc. You can add your categories or use the predefined search parameters to refine the results in your reports.
  • Instead of investing money in expensive practice management software, businesses can save money by collaborating with other businesses in their industry by employing NOSH EMR. By sharing their code in the system’s GitHub repository, users can collaborate with developers and coworkers to enhance the use of the program.

Top Features in NOSH EMR:

A few of the top-notched features seen in NOSH EMR:

  • Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Portal Logins
  • Databases

NOSH EMR Reviews:

Customers have generally given the program high marks. The portal login and reporting features have been particularly well received. However, many consumers value its adaptability. Lastly, several customers agree on the same point that the documentation and record keeping with its electronic health record system is made quite easily.


NOSH EMR costs $50 per month; however, if you’re interested in learning more about NOSH, contact any vendor or the one you believe. Software Finder is well-known in the EHR/EMR business for its unbiased consultancy and affordable cost. Asking for a NOSH EMR demo may also help you gain a feel for the system’s operation, so don’t be shy about approaching them with your interest.

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