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You are here because you are looking for taxi fleet insurance quotes online. The page you are currently on is the one you need. Your fleet insurance premium can be influenced by a number of variables, including the number of taxis in your fleet, their age, make, and model, and whether they are used for private hire or public transportation. Other variables include the driving records of your taxi drivers and where they are based, such as London, Manchester, Glasgow, or Gloucester.

You can make sure that your policy is customized to your particular fleet of black taxis, minicabs, SUVs, or minibuses as well as your unique company requirements by comparing multi-vehicle taxi insurance online. This will help you avoid paying for unnecessary coverage.

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We can offer you a variety of taxi insurance quotes. 

Furthermore, whether you’re a new or experienced driver, our taxi fleet comparison service can provide you with a variety of quotations from expert taxi insurance brokers. Whether you operate in a large metropolis like Manchester or a smaller town like Brisbane, our taxi fleet comparison service can provide you with a range of quotes from specialized taxi insurance brokers, making it much more likely that you will find a low-cost quote for your commercial taxi fleet insurance.

Additionally, there is a chance to save time. Since we are aware that running a cab company takes up a lot of your time, why not let us do the legwork for you? Without the trouble and expense of phoning the insurance providers, you can obtain a variety of competitive taxi fleet insurance rates using Protect My Taxi’s online comparison tool by having them call you instead. We can help you get a reliable taxi fleet insurance quote online.

Use our quote generating tool. 

Our multi-car taxi insurance quotes generating tool is completely free to use, and we are impartial and independent as we are not owned by or have any investment from any insurance companies. Whether you want to have minibus taxi fleet insurance or minicab fleet insurance, and whether you operate in Wales, Bristol, South Yorkshire, or Manchester city, we have got you covered.

We provide no-obligation quotations to all new and recurring customers as part of our dedicated services, so you can determine if our insurance products are the best fit for you. Please call a member of our team to discuss any more intricate policies, such as those requiring fleet insurance or replacement vehicles, in greater detail. Fill out the form on the website to see what kind of coverage Protect My Taxi can provide for your taxi if you’re interested in doing so.

Alternative ways to lower the expense of your taxi fleet insurance

Because taxis are typically on the road much more than other vehicles and therefore have a higher risk of being involved in an accident at some point, taxi insurance is typically more expensive than insuring an ordinary car, SUV, or minibus. This is true whether you have mini cabs, taxicabs, people carriers, or taxi buses.

As a result of the increased insurance premium that is incurred when more than one taxi is insured, it goes without saying that insuring a full fleet of taxis is even more expensive.

Nevertheless, it is typically less expensive to get a single taxi fleet insurance quote online policy for your whole fleet of cabs than to insure each one separately. Moreover, there are a few other things you can do as a cab provider business owner to perhaps lower the cost of your fleet insurance.

Choose your vehicles thoughtfully: 

Some cabs are more expensive to insure than others, with premiums frequently being higher for imported automobiles and other high-end vehicles. You may find that your fleet insurance premiums for your minicab or minibus fleet are lower if you replace your expensive (but dependable) vehicles with less expensive (but reliable) automobiles or taxibuses.

Maintaining your vehicles on a regular basis: 

Maintaining regular vehicle maintenance Regardless of whether you decide to include breakdown coverage in your taxi fleet insurance policy, servicing your taxis on a regular basis could reduce the chance of accidents brought on by mechanical failure. When it comes time to renew your taxi fleet policy, fewer accidents may result in lower insurance costs, so maintaining your taxis frequently could pay off in the long term.

Hire qualified drivers with a clean driving history:

Hire professional drivers with a flawless driving history because hiring younger, less experienced drivers might raise the cost of fleet insurance for taxis. Some insurance providers won’t cover taxi drivers at all if they are under the age of 25, while others have a minimum age requirement of 23. Taxi drivers without any moving violations typically pay less for insurance than those who do. Owners of taxi companies may receive lower fleet taxi insurance quotes by selecting drivers with spotless driving records and making sure they are of legal age.

Your taxi fleet should be equipped with speed limits:

Install speed limiters in your taxi fleet. Speed limiters have been repeatedly shown by insurance firms to drastically lower accident rates. Therefore, placing limiters in your fleet of minicab or minibus taxis may result in lower insurance costs for taxi fleets. Although speed limiters are still very uncommon in taxis in the UK and some drivers may not be thrilled about the idea of having one installed, it may be worth considering if it lowers the cost of your fleet insurance estimates.

Instead of fleet insurance for public transportation, think about private hire: 

Consider private hire taxi fleet insurance quote online as an alternative to public hiring. Public hire taxis, like the well-known black taxis of London, can be called directly from the street; passengers are not required to make a reservation over the phone, online, or via an app. Because they are more Public hire taxis frequently spend the majority of their time in the center of big cities and towns, So they are likely to be flagged down by clients in the center of big cities and towns. Public hire taxis frequently spend the majority of their time there.

Public hire taxi fleet insurance is frequently more expensive than private hire fleet insurance since taxi insurance firms have discovered that the danger of being involved in an accident is higher in densely populated towns and cities.

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