Dentistry for Children

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or specific sensory difficulties may experience many novel sights, sounds, scents, and feelings during dental appointments. Therefore, visiting the dentist frequently is crucial to creating a successful oral health program for kids. Here are some suggestions for helping autistic kids maintain good oral hygiene practices and be ready for their first dental appointment.

Sensory and Autism-related Dental Visits

Brushing your child’s teeth might have a soothing impact if they have sensory processing disorder or autism. Consider using a revolving or electric toothbrush to give extra stimulation to help guarantee that all of your teeth are thoroughly cleansed. The toothpaste flavor, the feeling in and around their mouth, or a combination of things may put off sensory-avoidant youngsters. There are several unflavored varieties available for kids who are reluctant to use toothpaste because of taste.

Tooth brushing Tolerance for Sensory Avoiders

Every six months, children with autism and other special needs should visit the dentist, but good habits are formed at home first! Regular brushing is necessary to maintain a child’s oral health, but confident autistic children and others with particular sensory needs could find it challenging to do so. Until they are a little older, most kids need their parents to help them wash their teeth.

Consider using a progressive approach when helping your child wash their teeth or have their teeth cleaned to make them feel more at ease. Once your youngster is at ease with one part of the routine, you may go on to the next one. To age 7-8, dentists advise that all kids clean their teeth under active adult supervision. The following advice will make cleaning your child’s teeth a little bit simpler:

Preparing for Your Child’s Dental Visit

It can be highly beneficial to prepare autistic children for their dentist trip well in advance to reduce anxiety and ensure a peaceful and productive appointment. To help your kid feel more at ease in the environment, many clinics will let you schedule a tour a few days or weeks before your visit. Before the visit, go through your child’s specific requirements, worries, or difficulties with the dentist or staff.

Talking your child through what to anticipate at the dentist also helps them feel more at ease when they see us and helps them feel more prepared. Regular dental appointments do not have to be a stressful or worrisome experience for kids with autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, or general anxiety. Families with autistic children and others with special needs are welcome at Dentistry for Children. Our pediatric dentists and team members have received specialized training in working with kids and assisting individuals with special needs. You’ll discover that we make an effort to make every child’s dental appointment joyful and exciting every time.

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