Kissanime is an anime that takes place in the future where humans have been turned into superhumans. They can now hyper-realistically experience everything and perform operations with ease. Many of these superhumans are also equipped with advanced senses, such as sight and hearing, which further enhances their abilities. In 2022, a year after the end of World War II, Japan has been saved from being invaded by the U.S.Aerospace Federation, but it is not all good news for humans in this new world order. A secret organization known as The Kissanime Foundation secretly carries out scientific experiments on human subjects to find ways to make them even more powerful and fun-loving by 2022. While some of these experiments fail miserably and many human subject candidates are destroyed or disfigured during the trials and tests, others produce a number of superpowered humans who have risen to become Kissanime themselves! This list of 17 anime movies available on October 22, 2022 covers every corner of this topic and highlights some of the best scenes you can watch on Kissanime this year.

Watch everything you want on Kissanime this year

Unfortunately, this list of 17 anime movies is not comprehensive. There are many other great anime to check out this year, but we recommend picking out the titles above that capture the mood of the season. You can also check out anime releases on other platforms, like Netflix and Amazon, to ensure you have a consistent feed of new shows and movies. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can only watch anime on computer monitors. If you have a TV or projector, however, you can watch these movies on a big screen. This year’s anime lineup is packed with shows you can watch with friends, family, and even the entire world through live television.

How to watch Kissanime movies online in 2022

You can watch the 2022 Collection of Kissanime as many times as you would like – until the end. Your subscription to the anime subscription service AOtvisions will automatically start at the hour of the end of the month, with the last remaining titles of the current season being released in that order. You can also watch the 2022 Collection on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and as many times as you like. You can view the movies in any order you choose and enjoy the film in any context. So, you can watch the same movie two or three times and want to see it in different order? Start a new conversation with the comments section, suggest new scenes you want to see depicted, and see what others have to say about the movie you’re currently watching.

That’s a lot of kissing scenes

Pushing the limit of your sexual tolerance is probably the most important thing to keep in mind as you enjoy your first year as a Kissanime. While some of the kissing scenes in this list may be risque or gory, these scenes nonetheless showcase the love that exists between human and superhuman. Some of the most popular kisses in this list are those between humans and superhumans, as well as between humans and others. These include: – Firstkiss: In the first eponymous kissing sequence, two superhuman lovers make love in a military base. – Second Kiss: In a second eponymous kissing sequence, a superhuman and his human lover make passionate, passionate love. – One Last Kiss: In one final kiss, a superhuman and his human lover make love on the beach.

5 traits that make a kissanime perfect for watching this year

The Short stature of members of the superhuman race. The average height of superhumanoids is around 5’11”. Superhumanoid characters (usually male) have an average body weight of around 160 lbs. Most superhuman entities have longer wavelengths of ectoderm than the terrestrial animals that comprise the human species, allowing them to roam the world with greater capacity for speed and strength. Strong emotions. Superhumanoids have the ability to store a great deal of energy, which is released when they hurt or make mistakes. Superhuman personalities, however, are often devoid of emotion, and are therefore easier to understand and relate to. Superhuman senses. Superhuman senses extend beyond their own bodies, allowing them to see, hear, and feel things that normal humans can’t. Superhuman smell can sense things other humans can’t, and extreme heat and cold can penetrate human skin to leave a victim’s sense of touch dead.

A taste for kinkiness and hotness

When it comes to kink, a superhuman’s primary motivation is to satisfy their own kinkier side. In many cases, this involves having sex with another superhuman. In fact, the average superhuman will have at least one sexual encounter per month with another superhuman, and this may continue for years. Some superhumans also enjoy kink with other superhumans, including alpha-su hypothesists and omega-su fantasists. Most superhuman types have an appetite for both perverted and normative sex, and will occasionally try to compel another superhuman to join them in bed.


The future of entertainment is now with the release of new anime, and the best of the best is able to be seen. This list of 17 anime movies available on October 22, 2022 covers all aspects of the future, and highlights some of the best moments you can watch on Kissanime this year.

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