Does your smartphone have a problem when it turns on? For example, it may need help to open fully, or it will turn off after a while. You don’t have to be worried if you experience these types of problems with your Android phone. This article will show you how to fix this problem using software for your Android mobile. The question is, why? Software problems are the root cause. Your mobile’s operating system is either not functioning correctly or has crashed.

You will need to uninstall the software, and then you’ll need to install new software.

Install Software on Android Mobile from a PC?

Most of the time, you take your mobile to a shop to fix it. The shopkeeper will charge you a high price. You can install software on your phone at home by following the instructions in this article. However, this process is not recommended for new or working mobile use.

1. Download ROM for your phone – How do you install custom ROMs?

There are two types of ROM: stock ROM and custom ROM. To install software on your mobile, you will need stock ROM and it is called the best ROM for POCO F1. Every mobile has a different stock Rom depending on its brand and model. So let’s now learn how to download Stock ROM on your phone. After you search it, many websites will appear. You can download stock ROMs for your Android phone by entering any website. You will need to save the file on your computer or laptop. It will come in a zip file. You will need to extract the file to unzip it. Once the file is unzipped, you will see one program. After downloading one program, the software will start to work. This is SP Flash software. I will now tell you how to install Sip Flash software.

2. SP Flash software

SP Flash software allows us to flash or install software on our android phones. You will need to download it.You can download the software by searching in your browser SP Flash and visiting its official website. Zip code will also be displayed. Extract it to unzip. Once it is extracted, Sip flash software will be in its file.

3. USB Driver for your phone.

To connect your phone via USB cable to your computer or laptop, you will need to download the USB Driver for your smartphone. You can also get this USB Driver software according to your mobile brand (mobile). So, for example, you can search for USB Driver for Oppo in Google.

Many links will appear on the first page of search results. Click on any link to download the zip file. It will be extracted from your computer.


  1. How to flash an android phone? Or how to install software on android mobile from a pc?
  2. You have just downloaded SP Flash software. This software will be displayed in the SP Flash Tool file with a blue icon.
  3. Click the scatter-loading button on the homepage of the tool.
  4. Click on the file to open it. Open the Stock ROM file that you have downloaded. Click firmware to open the stock ROM file. Click it to open stock ROM software. It will be called a scatter file. Please select it and click on Open.
  5. Once you click, all files from stock ROM software will automatically be loaded. You will now need to click the download button.
  6. Once you click that, the download will begin. You can check its status by clicking the button at the bottom. It will display in pink and show how many percent. For the following steps, please wait until it reaches 100%.
  7. Take out the battery and sim cards from your phone. Connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable.
  8. Once you connect, the process will begin, which you can see in red. There will be a 100% display.
  9. Allow the process to finish for between 5 and 6 minutes. Once the process is complete, you will see a green signal. This means that it has been installed on your phone.

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